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Erion Energy is the national non-profit Producer Responsibility Organization dedicated to Producers of batteries and to the strategic management of WB. We ensure our Producers the regulatory compliance and coordination of activities relating to the provision of operational take back and treatment services in order to guarantee the proper recycling of such waste and the reintegration into the production chain of Secondary Raw Materials, in line with the circular economy principles.

The role of Erion Energy along the entire value chain is aimed at combining the reduction of the environmental impacts with the efficiency of a sustainable business model.

Erion Energy identifies itself as a priority entity for meeting the needs of the Producers also through the development of initiatives and sector innovation projects, always maintaining, in the interest of its Members, a productive and constant relationship with all stakeholders involved.

Erion Energy is able to offer an efficient service thanks to dedicated information and operating models capable of integrating data from all parties involved (Collection Centres, logistics operators and treatment plants), ensuring the full traceability of all WB under the Producer Responsibility Organization responsibility.

Erion Energy does not only ensure full regulatory compliance, but is also a valid support for everything concerning the Extended Producer Responsibility and the implementation of the circular economy in businesses.

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Waste batteries
Coordination of the
Coordination of the
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