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Italian Legislative Decree 188/2008 incorporates the European Directive 2006/66/EC, with the aim of protecting the environment and human health and defining measures and procedures necessary for the improvement, prevention and reduction of the negative impacts deriving from the production of batteries and accumulators and their waste.

The guidelines defined by Legislative Decree 188/2008 extends the concept of responsibility of the Producer, who must:

  • avoid placing on the market Batteries or Accumulators, including those incorporated in devices, containing more than 0.0005 percent of mercury or more than 0.002 percent of cadmium;
  • in the event that it is also an EEE Producer, design the devices containing batteries and accumulators in such a way that they are easily removable and also include with them appropriate and simple instructions;
  • inform the end user of the need to collect Waste Batteries and Accumulators separately by placing the crossed-out wheelie bin symbol on the devices;
  • register in the Register of Battery and Accumulator Producers and show the registration number on invoices and transport documents.

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