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Italian organisations


Erion Energy is part of the National Batteries and Accumulators Coordination Centre (CDCNPA), the national body set up to optimise the collection and management of batteries in Italy. Among the tasks of the CDCNPA are: organise the WB collection network; ensure the reporting of data on the national streams; allocate the financing of activities among the various collective systems.


Erion Energy is a member of MOTUS–E, a non-profit association that brings together industrial, academic and environmental and opinion associations to facilitate the transition of the Italian transport sector towards electric mobility.

International organisations


Erion Energy is a member of Eucobat, the European association that comprises twenty collective systems for the management and recycling of Waste Batteries. Eucobat’s main activities include the gathering, cataloguing, exchanging and comparing information shared by members to promote the efficient functioning of WB Producer Responsibility Organisations.

WEEE Europe

Erion is one of the thirty members of WEEE Europe, a joint venture among the main European collective systems for the management of WEEE, WB and Packaging, established in Munich in 2013 to provide all management and regulatory compliance services to producers, importers, wholesalers, retailers and distributors of EEE, Batteries and Packaging who simultaneously operate in more than one European country.

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